Opportunities for Projects

Thanks to the system of ratings and evaluation of influencer, ambassador, performers and using the data on the platform, Projects can select the most popular performers for tasks, conduct marketing campaigns, reduce and minimize costs, and conveniently control this processes. Furthermore they can set up an advertising campaign from their personal account on the site.
It is also difficult for startups and not only to take the first steps without having connections in the market, and on the platform they can enter into partnerships, find ambassadors and advisors, and much more. The Infam platform helps projects with complex support in spheres important for their growth, including investment relations, marketing, and community building. We do this on the basis of our expertise and our partners personal experience, offering an understanding of the problems and pains of the market, as well as the technical solutions available. Moreover, Infam partners connect their networks to promote projects registered on the platform.
We provide consulting services and business incubator services for promising projects. The platform selects and evaluates the best crypto startups and makes them available for investment by the Infam community. Startups will receive proper assistance in consulting, investment relations and marketing
Infam gives partners access to a database of influencers, marketers and top agencies. Projects receive these services only from marketing partners verified by the platform, guaranteeing competitive market prices and high quality services.
Opportunities for Projects:
  • Save your budget, time, and nerves;
  • Get access to the database of ambassadors, influencers, and investors;
  • Get advice from certified experts in the blockchain industry;
  • Make secure transactions using a smart contract;
  • Expand your marketing company to promote the project.
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