Opportunities for Ambassadors and Influencers

On Infam Platform Influencers and Ambassadors can communicate with a projects, fund or businesses representative directly thanks to the chat function inside the platform, saving time, nerves and money. Also the project rating and evaluation system allows the influencer to select relevant projects from the verified database for their content and speeds up the process of finding an order for their services. The built-in calendar system provides guidance on the time frame for its implementation. And orders and payment for services through P2P mechanics will secure work from scammers for both parties.
Opportunities for influencers and ambassadors:
  • Get access to a verified database of startups and projects;
  • Provide services to projects through smart contracts;
  • Create collaborations between projects and influencers;
  • Monetize your time through the functionality of paid consultations;
  • Performing contracts, you receive not only payment for execution but also remuneration from the platform;
  • Develop a personal brand and increase your average check.
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