Why is Infam Unique?

Infam is a well-balanced product in the field of crypto. The ecosystem’s analytical rating system for investment opportunities will attract a large number of interested (and interesting) people in different roles: investors, ambassadors, and Influencers.
Infam works not only as a platform, but also connects users with different interests to create a strong community. By providing a new approach in the field of crypto investments, we try to guarantee our users a stable income. Infam also works on different blockchains to attract extra investment income.
It’s a place that solves many various problems of each area of the market. Finding the right person through a convenient filter on the platform by geolocation, market direction, rating, as well as uploaded analytics.
We will set a new trend and it will be no more difficult than calling a taxi through UBER!
Marketplace of opportunities in one button on your phone
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