INF is an internal currency on the Infam platform. Total supply is 10,000,000 INF.
  • Projects need INF to pay for the services of influencers and ambassadors.
  • All Infam platform users need INF to pay for a monthly subscription.
  • Each holder can use their tokens to farm even more INF
  • Utilities will expand as the platform grows
The platform sold 1,500,000 INF during the tokensale and raised $1,200,000. 1,000,000 INF sold in the presale for $700,000 and have 20% at TGE 3 months 8% for 10 months (20.000 100.000). 500,000 INF sold for $500,000 with 10% at TGE 1 months and 9% for 10 months (100$ - 2000$). Last month of unlocs is december 2022
We also have the internal BSC-Polygon bridge. Bridge сommissions are paid in INF tokens.
INFAM Official Media:
Galxe / Crew3 / Link3
Buy INF: PancakeSwap (DEX) Buy INF: Cryptology (CEX)