Opportunities for Investors

Our vision is to create a crypto space for new investors that offers a transparent view of investment opportunities and all the associated risks
Infam gives investors a wide range of opportunities based on proper startup scoring and audit. This includes pre-selection of projects before entering the platform, a detailed and elaborate system of analysis according to several indicators, and control over compliance with the roadmap, which the platform provides through two entities: Infam Launchpad (on dev) and Infam DAO.
This way, with Infam, investors can find a suitable project in which they are confident and effortlessly participate in private sales and IDOs. In addition, we provide investors with a special information service so that they can easily keep up with news and other activities around the projects.
Opportunities for the investors:
  • Consider verified projects with a clear rating system;
  • Join projects on unique conditions at an early stage of development;
  • Create a personal information field for yourself from startups and an update of existing projects;
  • Become a member of Infam DAO and get a percentage of the platform's revenues.
  • Get airdrops for activity on the Platform
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