The future of Infam

The long—term goal of our project is to create a media platform in the open world of Web 3.0 without borders, where any user — a company, an influencer or an investor — will be able to interact seamlessly with decentralized products and services.
The Infam platform will become a center and a kind of aggregator for them. Not just a service, but a whole multiverse for convenient, fast and safe search for promising collaborations.
It's easy to find a blogger covering news, for example, on the Polygon or Finance network, Fantom and more than 32 different EVM chains! Just open the list of verified ambassadors with the specified networks or find advertising partners for your YouTube channel. With Infam, it's very simple.
Nearest future plans:
  • Listings on Tier 1-2 exchanges;
  • MVP Platform Application Release;
  • Integration into the Metaverse;
  • Integration of different blockchains on the platform.
INFAM Official Media:
Galxe / Crew3 / Link3
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