How was the Idea Born?

As an investors, it was difficult for us to find a good information flow for the development of my worldview and the lack of analytical abilities was affecting
As an influencers/ambassadors, it was inconvenient for us to establish communication through third parties between projects and to be time-dependent. Often you can catch someone from the representatives of the project, only at conferences, and for this you need to travel to different countries and spend a lot of time and money on flights.
As a participants and founders of projects or consulting startups, we did not like the mechanics of inflated prices for services in the market, with poor conversion. And of course it is difficult to choose a good team, because words are one thing, but in fact it is completely different. It is difficult to find a good performer where the price and quality correspond to the claimed figures. The problem I noticed right away is the rapid spending of the startup's advertising budget, which can lead to stagnation in development.
So we just saw and wanted to solve these problems.
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