Infam Community

The basics of the Infam community are social networks and Discord chat rooms.
  • Voting DAO members. Own voting NFTs and join the decision making process on the platform.
  • Infam partner. Influencers, ambassadors, IDO experts, developers, and other Infam partners get special accounts on the platform and the ability to cooperate with projects and other Infam community members.
Infam aims to maximize community growth in the future on different levels, including:
• Development of the internal communication channel in Discord;
• Wide coverage of the entire cryptocurrency audience in external social networks;
• Integrate Infam community with our partners;
• Expand our activity on other blockchain ecosystems as much as possible;
• The project will integrate other blockchain networks through an internal multi-chain bridge.
INFAM Official Media:
Galxe / Crew3 / Link3
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